Off the coast of East Africa, a provocative archipelago of granite islands called the Seychelles rise out of the Indian Ocean. Sitting just a smidgen south of the Equator, the island of Mahe is the largest with numerous short leg sailing tracks to the other inner islands. If you're looking to stretch your sea legs, take a longer track to the less explored outer islands, a low lying chain of coral islands.

No matter where the horizon takes you, you'll fall in love with the unique biodiversity of the Seychelles, giant tortoises roaming the islands and year round sailing in calm aquamarine waters.

Inner island bays include Beau Vallon, Baie Ternay, Port Launay, Anse à la Mouche, Anse Soleil, Baie Lazare, Intendance and Anse Royale.  Some of the more secret coves include Anse Major, Anse Jasmin, Anse Du Riz, and Petit Anse. Outer island chains include Aldabra, Amirantes, Farquhar, and more.